Take Your Racer to the Next Level

The latest technology from Aikon will push your motors to higher RPMs and faster response, allowing you to make your best time on even the most demanding track. Faster MCUs, hardware PWM, and the best gate drivers and MOSFETs possible combined with the best open source software on the market will make your quad feel connected to your sticks like never before.

Enhance Stability and Reliability

Even off the track Aikon ESCs will push the performance of your quadcopter. Whether you're freestyle miniquad flying or need more stable performance for your aerial photography platform, the research and technology put into these ESCs will improve your flying experience.

Push Technology to the Limits

Aikon ESCs use the latest technology, from the EFM8BB21 and STM F0 MCUs with integrated hardware PWM peripherals to the most responsive gate drivers and the MOSFETs with the lowest gate resistence and fastest internal switching. Even the voltage regulators are are chosen with purpose. The focus on quality hardware brings the highest performance level to Aikon ESCs.